Full-stack developer: 2020’s popular tech-job

Full-stack developer: 2020’s popular tech-job

Let’s take a look at the scenario from the company’s point of view. They have this project in mind. They are bringing together experts in various areas to complete that one project. The amount of coordination between the different experts could get tedious. Deadlines get pushed. Miscommunication is on the rise. Ego comes into play.

Would the company avoid that if they could?

The answer is yes. Now, what if they could find that ONE person who could do it all end-to-end. He knows exactly what’s happening at different levels. There is no time, data or effort lost in communication. And the company could probably save costs as well. 

Now let’s understand the resource. The key talent that is appointed to take up the role. He is a full-stack developer. He is versed with different technologies and is very much capable of solving glitches across several streams of app and web development single-handedly. 

And he knows his worth.

This is the scenario in the industry. Companies are explicitly hiring full-stack developers, who can create apps from scratch and can actively participate throughout the development journey of the application.

This key resource is the jack of all trades. His position is valuable to the company, and they will be treated with care and a lucrative salary.

This seems to be a win-win situation for both the company and the key resource. This explains why the full-stack developer is one of the most popular and in-demand jobs in the upcoming 2020.

Why would you not want to take this up? Why would you not want to be that key resource?

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